Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i did it!

If I had energy left I would be jumping up for joy. See I have been training for a 5k in October. It is a race to raise money for breast cancer. There are two main reasons I want to do this. The first, to just start running again and get back in some form of shape. But the main, main reason is for my MIL. About three years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was in Wales at the time so I never saw her and even though I heard about what she was going through I don't think I really still grasped how hard, stressful, scary, painful this all was for her. And seeing as she was far away there was nothing I could really do. So I figure me going out in this hot sun, torturing my legs is a small way I can help out. Not only for her but for my mother as well, who seeing as she is a woman could go through this, although lets pray not. Good news though, you will be happy to know that my MIL is at this point a breast cancer SURVIVOR! Praise the Lord for that!
Now the reason I was so excited was the fact that today I was able to run a whole mile with out stopping! Yay me! Hopefully by the end of next month I will be able to do all 3 point whatever miles. I also just need to go ahead and hurry up and sign up on this team, Running with Scissors. I mean if I am going to be going out there and dragging myself across 3 miles I might as well do it with a bunch of friends, right? So who else wants to join me?
And now for you visual enjoyment, for those who are still reading, here are a couple of layouts I have done. Just two of a whole list of things the boys have done this summer.

Have a great night!

Monday, July 27, 2009

extra energy

I guess last night I just had stored up energy since I hadn't really done anything so I used up that energy doing what...scrapping of course. If you saw yesterday post you saw that I had plenty of new pics to play with. And as usual I get this mojo like at ten so I only managed to finish one.

I am really liking that Thicker font. I keep wanting to reach for it. But I don't want to use them all up either. KWIM. ;)
Well I guess now I will wash some clothes or something to make up for my lack of effort this weekend.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

lazy weekend

I have done nothing productive this weekend except wash some dishes. I feel like such a sloth. Oh well. But here is something for Gretchen and Lee.

See Isaiah is an Auburn fan because that is his Aunt Heather's alma mater and she got to him first. So he is a little harder to sway. But Preston, well there is something they can work with. Still young enough to influence any which way. Hmm, maybe I can get them to pay for his college education if he commits to it now! Hey no harm in trying. Hehe.

But now I must tell you a little a secret. See I have discovered how to see into the future and I have seen my boys all grown up. And let me tell you they will grow up to be very handsome young men.

And apparently Isaiah will be a blind and still an Auburn fan, sorry Gretch.
Well I hope everyone else was more productive.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

altered finds

So for the two or three people who actually read this you know that I have been hitting up some consignment and thrift shops lately. I do more looking around than anything else but I have come home with a thing or two. One thing I came home with was this.

Now even though those ducks are adorable they just aren't for me. What I loved was the round frame. I mean how often do you see that. Plus it was like a $1.50, can't beat that. Of course you know I was going to attempt to do something with it. So now I have this.

A fun frame to hang in my home. I don't have many family pictures (which I can thank Gretchen for taking this one) and I wanted to do something different with this one. I really like the way this turned out. Now I have all these little ideas bouncing around in my head. I think another consignment trip may be needed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

That's right my boys are back! We suprised the boys by meeting my mother in law in Shreveport. They assumed they were going to hang out at a hotel to go swimming. They were really suprised when they saw us open the door. That was very fun. We spent the day there and I even went to the casino a bit to check out the action and lost twenty five dollars. Could have been more but that all the cash I had. The next day the plan was for us to drive down to Mobile and then spend Sunday at Gulf Shores. Well we arrived in Mobile around 3:30 and decided it was early enough to go to the beach. Well little did we know it would take us almost two and a half hours! That's right once we got on Hwy 59 from I-10 it took us almost two hours to drive that 20 mile stretch. So we didn't get there till alomst 6:30. We finally get there but by this point we are starving so we let the boys play for a while and decide to go find a place to eat.

Well the plan was to back the next morning but Trey didn't really care to find out if that traffic was there again, Preston was whining that he just wanted to go home and Isaiah was all salted out. So I was out voted and we went home. Trust me I was annoyed. I have only been nagging Trey that I have wanted to go to the beach for like forever. And I didn't think it made since to drive fifty million hours to go to the beach for 45 minutes. But we will figure out how to remedy the situation later. Now I am going to ignore the luggage that needs to be put away and get some rest. Spending 22 out of 60 hours in a car can be pretty draining.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

yes, I did that

You know being a Texas girl I am very proud of the fact that I drive a truck. I mean little ole me in a big truck it's a little empowering. But it does have its draw back. For instance you can't see the little things around you. For instance those cement barriers at gas stations. If you don't pay attention this can happen...

Don't you hate doing stupid things like that. Especially when they could have been avoided if you were just paying closer attention.

But Friday was a much better day. Trey and I went to some antique places in Jemison and Clanton. The one in Clanton was pretty cool. It acually had more antique-y stuff. I just love roaming these places seeing what I can find.

I just wanna fill my home with all this fun stuff but I have no room or money. Trust me this stuff ain't cheap. You know I bet you the antique shops on the upper east coast must have a lot of good things I would love to plan a trip to one of those. Or in the UK. Trey says they have tons of shops just full on antiques and a lot cheaper then you would find here because they are just swimming in that stuff, which makes sense seeing as they have been around much longer. But seeing as I am not going there anytime soon Clanton will have to do.

Well here is a layout I did while I scrapped with Gretchen last weekend, which is amazing since I can never seem to finish a layout when we scrap together.

Enjoy the rest your weekend.

Friday, July 3, 2009

what I've been doing

Sadly nothing. You would think with all this extra time on my hands I would have redecorate or paint the walls or something but I have not. I am in the process of cleaning the boys room though. Being as nobody has been in there for weeks I kinda ignored it but seeing as they will eventually be back I decided it should be cleaned. I am not done but I needed a break, hee hee, plus I am wanting to rearrange the furniture and need to figure out how I want to arrange it exactly. For now I will leave you with some layouts that I made because after all there is always time to scrap right :)

These are my friends Lisa, Carol, Virginia and Gretchen. We got together one last time at are lss before it closed.

I know the title is an older Doodle Bug font but I am really liking it.

Okay just three more week, just three more weeks and they will be home.

Well I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Trey is over at Lee's house marinating and smoking whatever it is they will be grilling tomorrow so I am left to my own devices!:)